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"Queen" найдено в имени исполнителя

  Исполнитель /группаНазвание пластинкиЦена, £ ЛэйблО пластинкеРезерв.
nw001695 (QUEEN — A Day at the Races)LPQUEENA Day at the RacesUKEMIVG+/VG+ EMTC 104,
nw001691 (QUEEN — A Night at the Opera)LPQUEENA Night at the OperaUKEMIEX/NM EMTC 103,
nw000591 (QUEEN — II)LPQUEENIIUKEMIVG+/VG Gatefold laminated. Many faint scuffs that click while playing.
nw001724 (QUEEN — Jazz)LPQUEENJazzUKEMINM/EX EMA 788,
nw001839 (QUEEN — Jazz)LPQUEENJazzCAELEKTRASS 6E-166, still sealed promo copy with poster. Promo sticker at back, shrink is partially removed where it's been placed. Sticker advertising of nude poster on front. A couple of slight corners bumps, dh.
nw001944 (QUEEN — Live Killers)2LPQUEENLive KillersKREMIEX/VG+ BB-702 Rare korean pressing, faint scuffs
nw002347 (QUEEN — Sheer Heart Attack)LPQUEENSheer Heart AttackUKEMIEX/VG+ EMC 3061,
nw002179 (QUEEN — Sheer Heart Attack)LPQUEENSheer Heart AttackUKEMINM/VG+ EMC 3061,
nw001681 (QUEEN — The Miracle)LPQUEENThe MiracleUKPARLOPHONEEX/EX PCSD 107,
nw001840 (QUEEN — The Works)LPQUEENThe WorksUSCAPITOLSS ST-12322, still sealed promo copy, shrink removed upper right to place promo stamp, scratch on cover made while cutting shrink. One slight corner bump.

"Queen" найдено в названии пластинки

  Исполнитель /группаНазвание пластинкиЦена, £ ЛэйблО пластинкеРезерв.
nw000786 (RAINEY, Gertrude 'Ma' — Queen of the blues)LPRAINEY, Gertrude 'Ma'Queen of the bluesUSBIOGRAPHEX/NM 1923-1924 recordings of US blues legend. No manufacturer country found.